Mind You – the Mental Wellness Podcast

From fearful to fabulous with Kirsten Johnson

October 1, 2018

Life coach. Speaker. All-round superwoman, who conquered a fear of driving and panic attacks to embark on a solo 20,000km road trip across the US. Now back in Bali, Kirsten Johnson hopped on the pod to share her story, struggles, revelations, and tips to turn your fears into fabulousness!

I wanted Kirsten to come on to help those of us who are still stuck with self-limiting beliefs and narrow definitions of disorder. She calls you to shake up your attachment to anxiety, and shows that even if your past is marred by hurt, trauma, abuse, addiction, anxiety or anything else – you can rewrite your story. Right here, right now.

Check out these highlights:

  • How to walk through fear [15:37]
  • How to get out of your head and get grounded [17:27]
  • Meditation for the highly anxious mind [18:57]
  • The mantra to do everything that scares you [23:01]
  • Kirsten’s top tools to overcome anxiety [24:45]
  • How to get to the life you want to live [30:01]
  • Notice ‘the buzz’: how to FEEL, not FEAR [34:55]
  • How to get up when you fall down [41:52]